Livin on the Edge, Part 5: Enabling & Empowering Locally

This is part four of a five part series on edge computing with a focus on end-devices & services enabled by edge computing.


The next wave of computing is coming to the edge. Just as the cloud moved processing, networking, storage, memory, and software into centralized locations, edge computing will bring these resources back closer to the devices consuming them. Enabled by an increasingly holistic approach to technology, edge computing will have wide-ranging implications across both hardware and software.

Edge computing will open new capabilities, accelerate adoption rates and help shape future use cases This report explores the wide-ranging implications of edge capability on our world. We examine diverse markets and opportunities, with the common thread being the further blurring of the lines between man and machine.

While specific impacts in this sense are more challenging to quantify than the infrastructure resources required to enable them, they are certain to be profound as decentralized, distributed high power compute becomes readily available.

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