Livin on the Edge, Part 4: Bringing Analytics & Business Logic to Edge Compute

This is part four of a five part series on edge computing with a focus on software and security.


Edge computing targets use cases that are not well-addressed by the cloud, most often because of networking and latency constraints. By combining real-time data from edge devices with analytical & transactional processing, new types of intelligent applications will be built. Most edge software spending is for IIoT apps today, but we expect adoption from Enterprise IT to accelerate in the years ahead.

Edge Computing Augments Software Development

As telcos and cloud providers roll out new compute, storage & networking infrastructure in edge locations, there will be a new generation of computing capabilities for software developers to tap into. This comes at a time when the cost of collecting wireless data is falling and the innovation of AI/ML algorithms is accelerating. 

Developers can take advantage of ultra-low data processing latency and localized application logic that can power intelligent applications, machine-to-machine automation, real-time visibility & analytics, immersive applications and more.

Value Prop of Edge is Evolving

Most of today’s edge software spend is with vertically-designed Industrial IoT applications. The opportunity for edge to make its way into Enterprise IT is still very early, but as more technology standards get established, ROIs of new investments get clearer and IT gets comfortable with security, we expect to see a new generation of software being built.

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