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Livin on the Edge: Edge Computing Series

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The Cowen Research team has created a five part Ahead of the Curve Series focused on Edge Computing structured by subsector. In this collaborative series of reports, we define, analyze, and project this disruptive trend to understand which companies are best positioned to capitalize as tech expands both figuratively and literally.

Watch the video below for an overview of the series.

Read the five part edge computing series:

Part 1: Evolving Tomorrow’s Internet focuses on communications services and cloud/internet.

Part 2: The Brains and Nervous System of Edge Computing focuses on computing and memory.

Part 3: Storage & Networking focuses on storage and networking.

Part 4: Bringing Analytics & Business Logic to Edge Compute focuses on software and security. .

Part 5: Enabling & Empowering Locally focuses on end-devices & services enabled by edge computing.

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