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What is Release 16 and why will it be important for 5G in 2020?

5G is expected to meaningfully expand the use-case for wireless networks, creating a new set of possibilities for automation and efficiency in nearly every industry. As the path toward ‘true’ 5G unfolds, risks and capital intensity come into focus, raising issues of national security, international competition and trade, and the substantial investments required for the potential of 5G to be realized.

Beginning in 2022-23, we expect to see new investment opportunities emerge around enterprise / industrial 5G, which will still be in the early stages of a long-term secular move toward further advancement of the cloud, data analytics and IA revolution.

What we’re watching:

  • Release 16
  • Carrier rollouts
  • Small cells/fiber
Themes 2020

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5G has the potential to add 36% growth in operator global revenues in 2026.

—Colby Synesael, One Vision, Many Paths; Defining “True” 5G


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