$47 Million

L-Nutra Inc.

Series D Financing

Exclusive Placement Agent, November 2023

L-Nutra Inc.

Founded in 2009 by The University of Southern California (USC) and Dr. Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute at USC, L-Nutra Inc. or (L-Nutra) is a premier nutri-technology company leading the discovery, design and commercialization of novel Nutrition for Longevity and Nutrition as Medicine programs to enhance human healthspan. L-Nutra has gathered 18 global universities to discover breakthrough nutrition formulations inspired by nature and tailored by Longevity Science to promote healthy aging and advance the development of nutri-therapeutic solutions for age-related diseases. L-Nutra has developed the first Nutrition for Longevity pipeline, ProLon® aimed at enhancing healthy aging via cellular rejuvenation and improving metabolic health; and Nutrition as Medicine pipeline called L-Nutra Health aimed at enhancing patients' chances of remission from diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases. With the world's health in mind, each product is plant based and formulated to provide protective and rejuvenating health benefits while maximizing safety, nourishment, taste and variety.

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