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$64 Million

Quanterix Corporation

Initial Public Offering

Bookrunner, December 2017

Quanterix Corporation
Quanterix is a life sciences company that has developed a next generation, ultra-sensitive digital immunoassay platform that advances precision health for life sciences research and diagnostics. The platform enables customers to reliably detect protein biomarkers in extremely low concentrations in blood, serum and other fluids that, in many cases, are undetectable using conventional, analog immunoassay technologies. These capabilities provide customers with insight into the role of protein biomarkers in human health that has not been possible with other existing technologies and enable researchers to better characterize the continuum between health and disease. This greater insight provided by the Quanterix platform, in research applications today and in diagnostic and precision health settings in the future, will enable the development of novel therapies and diagnostics and facilitate a paradigm shift in healthcare from an emphasis on treatment to a focus on earlier detection, monitoring, prognosis and, ultimately, prevention. In addition to enabling new applications and insights in protein analysis, the Company is also developing its Simoa technology to detect nucleic acids in biological samples.