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EMCORE Corporation


Financial Advisor, August 2022

EMCORE Corporation
Acquisition of the FOG and Inertial Navigation Systems Business of KVH Industries, Inc.

EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ: EMKR) ( EMCORE or The Company) is a leading provider of advanced mixed-signal products that serve the aerospace and defense, communications, and sensing markets. EMCORE’s best-in-class components and systems support a broad array of applications including navigation and inertial sensing, defense optoelectronics, broadband communications, optical sensing, and specialty chips for telecom and data centers. The Company leverages industry-leading Quartz MEMS, Lithium Niobate, and Indium Phosphide chip-level technology to deliver state-of-the-art component and system-level products across end-market applications. EMCORE has vertically-integrated manufacturing capability at its facilities in Alhambra, CA, Budd Lake, NJ, and Concord, CA. The Company’s manufacturing facilities maintain ISO 9001 quality management certification, and the Company is AS9100 aerospace quality certified at its facilities in Budd Lake and Concord.

KVH's inertial navigation products offer precision FOG-based systems that enable platform and optical stabilization, navigation, pointing, and guidance. KVH’s inertial navigation products also include tactical navigation systems that provide uninterrupted access to navigation and pointing information in a variety of military vehicles, including tactical trucks and light armored vehicles. KVH’s inertial navigation products are sold directly to U.S. and foreign governments and government contractors, as well as through an international network of authorized independent sales representatives. In addition, KVH's inertial navigation technology is used in numerous commercial products, such as navigation and positioning systems for various applications including autonomous platforms, precision mapping, dynamic surveying, train location control, and track geometry measurement systems, industrial robotics, and optical stabilization.