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$84 Million

AerSale Corporation

Follow-on Offering

Lead Left Bookrunner, August 2022

AerSale Corporation

AerSale’s (the “Company”) business is comprised of two segments.  Its Asset Management Solutions segment sells and leases mid-life (between 10 to 25 years) commercial aircraft and engines that it acquires from airlines and leasing companies.  The Asset Management Solutions segment also dissembles aircraft and engines for component parts that can be utilized to support third-party sales and lower the cost to maintain leased assets.  Upon retirement from services, the Company extracts residual value by disassembling the flight equipment to the piece-part level for re-use.  The Company’s TechOps segment provides nose-to-tail maintenance, repair and overhaul services for commercial aircraft, engines and components, that serve the passenger, cargo and government sectors.