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Public Health 

An illustration featured a doctor in a surgical theater holding up a tablet that has a hologram of a human body and a large brain with lines coming out of each element.

Health Transformation: Navigating Public Health Trends 

Obesity and Alzheimer’s disease cost the U.S. health care system alone more than $500 B annually and diagnosed cases have significantly increased over the past decade. New treatments hold the promise of reshaping patient outcomes for the better, or at least allaying disease progression. TD Cowen expects that these new drugs will have impacts that transcend the health care industry. Moreover, these new advancements are addressing public health needs that disproportionately impact minorities and underserved patient groups, delivering on a critical social element of ESG investor priorities.  

What we’re watching  

  • Reimbursement and costs 
  • Implications beyond obesity 
  • Adoption of new medicines 
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Beyond obesity, these medications could also impact the use and need for other drugs to treat diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis.