COVID-19: Asia Supply Chain & US Demand Impact

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Oliver Chen, Cowen’s Retail and Luxury Goods analyst, speaks with Stanley Szeto, Chairman of the Hong Kong Textile Council and Executive Chairman of Lever Style, to discuss key risk factors in the retail supply chain and current developments and learnings from China and Hong Kong.  The discussion also explores potential implications for the specialty retail industry as retailers plan for summer/fall inventories.

Mr. Chen also hosts Kathy Sheehan, Senior Vice President, Cassandra.  They discuss insights into Generation Z from newly conducted survey work on how the younger generation is thinking about the coronavirus impact and how social distancing is changing their consumer behavior.

Press play below to listen to their discussion.


Oliver Chen is a Managing Director at Cowen and a senior equity research analyst covering retail and luxury goods. 


Stanley Szeto is the Executive Chairman of Lever Style and the Chairman of the Hong Kong Textile Council.  Mr. Szeto is based in Hong Kong and works with factories in China as the chairman of apparel supplier Lever Style.

Kathy Sheehan is the Senior Vice President at Cassandra.  Ms. Sheehan leads the Cassandra team within ENGINE Agency, which is focused on helping clients build culturally relevant brands through leveraging insights from trendsetting young consumers.

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