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Cowen's John Blackledge discusses $AMZN and the pharmacy market on @SquawkStreet $RAD

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Aug 16 2017

Trump Presidency in Historical Context

10 data sets, 4 time-stamps, 6 Presidencies = historical context for current environment. Historical framework for investing in a Trump Administration outside hyper-partisan news cycle, crisis de jour, and Fall fiscal cliffs. Do not lose sight of policy forest for “failed” legislative trees; mosaic shows bigly change with skeleton crew and Judiciary component longest of policy tails.
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“The sell side is high energy and I love the 'work hard/play hard' culture.”
Jean Perreault, Vice President, Research
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“Day to day, I work with all of the business groups and teams within Cowen, either directly or behind the scenes.”
Peggy Finster, Managing Director, Labor and Employment Counsel
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“We worked on the Trivago IPO, the Facebook IPO, the sale of Living Social to Groupon and the Wayfair IPO.”
Jose A. Cobos, Managing Director, Technology, Media and Telecom
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“We've built a large, generalist platform that gives me an opportunity to interact with more clients.”
David Rountree, Managing Director, Equity Sales