Ritu Baral

Managing Director, Health Care - Biotechnology

Ritu Baral, Managing Director, Health Care - Biotechnology

Ritu Baral joined Cowen in August 2014 as a senior biotechnology analyst and managing director. Ms. Baral has more than nineteen years of experience in biotechnology finance, including over sixteen years in biotechnology equity research. Her coverage has focused on rare diseases and neurology. From August 2006 until June 2014, she held a series of positions in biotechnology equity research at Canaccord Genuity, including senior analyst and managing director. Before that, Ms. Baral was an equity research associate at JMP Securities and a senior associate at the Trout Group. Previously, she was a research associate at Columbia University’s Department of Medicine, where she participated in neuroendocrine research focused on appetite and metabolism regulation, and completed graduate coursework in immunology.

Ms. Baral graduated with a BA in biological sciences from Barnard College. She is involved in a number of rare disease patient advocacy organizations, including as a board member of the Everylife Foundation for Rare Disease and the Industry Advisory Board of the National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Foundation. She was previously on the board of directors of the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.

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