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$214 Million

SomaLogic, Inc.

Private Placement

Sole Placement Agent, November 2020

SomaLogic, Inc.

SomaLogic, Inc. is the global leader in commercial proteomics analysis and interpretation, with a well-established presence in research and discovery for biopharma and academic customers and potential to transform clinical diagnostics, disease management and personal health. The Company’s core “SomaScan” technology platform can measure ~5,000+ proteins (~5x vs. closest direct competitor) from a single blood draw. The platform is underpinned by proprietary “SOMAmer” reagents, which consist of a short single-stranded DNA sequence with “protein-like” appendages that allow for tight and specific binding to protein targets of interest, which is critical to enabling highly accurate measurements in complex mixtures such as blood. SomaLogic’s core platform harnesses the ability to address the current limitations of genomic-based approaches, by covering human biology in real-time, across many diseases and health states.