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$258.06 Million

Singular Genomics Systems, Inc.

Initial Public Offering

Bookrunner, May 2021

Singular Genomics Systems, Inc.

Singular Genomics Systems, Inc. (“Singular Genomics” or the “Company”) is a life science technology company leveraging novel NGS and multi-omics technology to build products that are designed to empower clinicians and researchers to improve clinical and scientific outcomes. Singular Genomics has developed a unique and proprietary NGS technology, “Sequencing Engine”, that is the foundational platform technology that forms the basis of its products in development and its core product tenets: accuracy, speed, flexibility, and scale. The Company is currently developing two systems with integrated solutions that are purpose built to target specific applications in which these core product tenets matter most, including NGS, multi-omics, single cell, and spatial applications across basic and translational research, and clinical markets if approved.