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Passage Bio

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Bookrunner, January 2021

Passage Bio

Passage Bio, Inc. is a genetic medicines company focused on developing transformative therapies for rare, monogenic central nervous system, or CNS, disorders. The Company has selected six candidates that make up its portfolio of genetic medicine product candidates, including its three lead candidates: PBGM01 for the treatment of GM1 gangliosidosis (GM1), PBFT02 in frontotemporal dementia caused by progranulin deficiency (FTD-GRN) and PBKR03 in Krabbe disease. Lead product candidate, PBGM01, utilizes a next-generation AAVhu68 capsid to deliver a functional GLB1 gene encoding lysosmal β-gal to the brain for the treatment of infantile GM1. Second product candidate, PBFT02, utilizes an AAV1 capsid to deliver to the brain a functional GRN gene encoding progranulin for FTD caused by FTD-GRN. Third product candidate, PBKR03, utilizes an AAVhu68 neurotropic capsid to deliver to the brain a functional GALC gene that encodes the hydrolytic enzyme galactosylceramidase for the treatment of infantile Krabbe disease.