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$296 Million

Janux Therapeutics, Inc.

Follow-on Offering

Bookrunner, February 2024

Janux Therapeutics, Inc.

Janux Therapeutics, Inc. (“Janux” or “The Company”) (NASDAQ: JANX) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing tumor-activated immunotherapies for cancer. Janux’s proprietary technology enabled the development of two distinct bispecific platforms: TRACTr and TRACIr. The goal of both platforms is to provide cancer patients with safe and effective therapeutics that direct and guide their immune system to eradicate tumors while minimizing safety concerns. Janux is currently developing a broad pipeline of TRACTr and TRACIr therapeutics directed at several targets to treat solid tumors. Janux has two TRACTr therapeutic candidates in clinical trials, the first targeting PSMA is in development for prostate cancer, and the second targeting EGFR is being developed for colorectal, lung, head and neck, and renal cancers.