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Future Seating


Exclusive Financial Advisor, August 2021

Healthy Back Brand Holdings (d.b.a. Future Seating) acquired by Exemplis LLC, a portfolio company of The Cranemere Group Limited

Headquartered in Beltsville, MD, Future Seating, LLC ( is a leading designer, marketer, and purveyor of super-premium ergonomic office chairs, gaming chairs, and related accessories marketed under the “X-Chair” and “Mavix” brands. With anthropomorphic, futuristic designs, X-Chair and Mavix brands offer customers premium chairs that support posture and overall muscular-skeletal health as well as unique heating and massage elements. Founded in 2016, the Company’s omnichannel distribution “meets customers where they want to be met,” selling through DTC ( and, brick & mortar channels, and B2B via corporate buyers and dealers. The Company launched the Mavix gaming chair brand in November 2020, and the brand has quickly gained notoriety within the online gaming and e-sports communities through partnerships, endorsements, guerilla marketing, and social media/streaming platforms, such as Instagram and Twitch. In addition to its core seating brands, the Company operates three legacy retail store fronts under the “Healthy Back” name in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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