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$86.9 Million

Aura Biosciences, Inc.

Initial Public Offering

Lead Left Bookrunner, October 2021

Aura Biosciences, Inc.

Aura Biosciences, Inc. (“Aura” or the “Company”) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company leveraging its novel targeted oncology platform to develop a potential new standard of care across multiple cancer indications. The Company’s proprietary platform enables targeting a broad range of solid tumors using Virus-Like Particles, or VLPs, that can be conjugated with drugs or loaded with nucleic acids to create Virus-Like Drug Conjugates, or VDCs. The Company is focusing its initial development of VDCs to treat tumors of high unmet need in ocular and urologic oncology. AU-011, the Company’s first VDC candidate, is being developed for the first line treatment of primary choroidal melanoma, a rare disease with no drugs approved.