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Stuart Medina

Stuart looking towards something outside the frame, leaning against the windowsill in a building with other builders in the background. He is wearing a comfortable sweater and a little smile. Right behind him is a small family photo frame with a group of people posing together.

Since joining the firm in May 2019, part of my role has been to find ways that our Investment Bank can improve its technology. For example, soon after I arrived, I began working on a new disaster recovery plan for our bankers, including to equip them to continue daily operations from home or a remote site. By February 2020, we had a fully mobile and cloud-based environment. Then came March—and TD Cowen offices went into lockdown because of Covid. My supervisor and I were the last ones in the office. As we walked toward the elevators, I said, “We are ready.”

For the next 2 years, I continued to help bankers acclimate to the new work-at-home environment, providing support from early morning till late at night—7 days a week. Always on-call, providing support, training, ordering needed equipment, orienting new hires to the new norm. That’s what it was like to Outperform during the pandemic—and I’m proud of what my colleagues and I accomplished.