Outsourced Trading In Focus: Why Cowen’s outsourced trading solution continues to attract a wide range of fund managers

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In this Hedgeweek report, Jack Seibald, Cowen Co-Head of Global Outsourced Trading, looks ahead to 2021 and discusses how COVID-19 accelerated adoption of outsourced trading solutions among fund managers.

Topics include:

  • The increased relevance of outsourced trading in recent years as managers seek to run their businesses as cost-effectively as possible due to ongoing fee pressure
  • How outsourcing operational and technological solutions improves efficiency, generates cost savings and allows more effective management of margins
  • Key components to consider when selecting an outsourced trading partner
  • The importance of full transparency during the entire trade lifecycle
  • How solutions customized to the fund’s investment and trading style are made possible with the partnership between outsourced traders and each fund
  • How outsourced trading desk can act as a natural extension of the hedge fund business, replicating the large fund platform experience for managers

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