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U.S. Phased Reopening Guidelines – Infographic

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We collected all the key details of the White House’s “Opening Up America Again” plan into a simplified infographic that shows the reopening guidelines in phases.

The White House “Opening Up America Again” Plan

Each of the three phases of reopening will require 14-days of improvement, based on both the U.S. flu tracking infrastructure, and actual COVID-19 test results, along with sufficient hospital capacity, health care worker testing, and no evidence of a rebound in infections.

The reopening will be handled by state governments on a statewide or county-by-county basis.

See the earliest timing below.

Phase 1 Initial Reopening: Around May 1st at earliest; for NY May 16th at earliest

Phase 2 Intermediate Reopening: May 15th at earliest; for NY May 30th at earliest

Phase 3 “New Normal”: May 29th at earliest; for NY June 13th at earliest

“Phase 4” Actual Normal: Once virus risk completely or effectively eradicated.

Realistically, the timeline could be much longer if infections pick up as areas are reopened. We note travel heavily restricted until Phase 2, and restrictions to/from affected areas (including closed international borders) likely to remain. Large, packed public settings like sports arenas, and dense bars, likely to take the longest to return.

U.S. Phased Reopening Guidelines

Infographic showing U.S. phased reopening guidelines during COVID-19 recovery.
Source: Cowen and Company,

*Vulnerable Individuals are defined as the elderly and those with serious underlying conditions including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, or a compromised immune system.

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