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The Future of Public Health

A medical professional in a white coat and gloves, in a laboratory setting handling a vial of blood.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way public health crises will be managed in the future – hopefully for the better. The future of public health will see private and public entities engaged in a coordinated, robust approach to limiting disease spread, and providing essential benefits and resources to employees. But this transition will require action across multiple sectors, and at all levels of government. 2023 should see new policies and enabling technologies evolve to better help address future public health crises.


 What we’re watching

  • Biden Administration Biodefense Strategy
  • U.S. Department of Defense Biodefense Posture Review
  • CDC Restructuring
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • Macro Policy Fallout from COVID-19 Relief Bills
  • Other Public Health Crises Created by COVID-19
  • The Progress of mRNA Vaccines

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…no sector is safe from being impacted by future threats if pandemic preparedness is not prioritized.”

Pandemic Preparedness: Roadmap To A More Prepared Future