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Deglobalization and Reglobalization

Abstracted photo of the Earth with an interconnected matrix on top of it

Trump Administration policies, BREXIT, and ongoing events have increased the deglobalization drumbeat — the feeling on the part of many countries that they need to be delinked, less vulnerable and more self-sufficient, or at the very least, that they must increase the diversity of sources for critical goods (what we refer to as “reglobalization”). The fact that China and Russia, two global superpowers with political systems often at odds with the West, are at the center of the tension has only served to heighten political and economic strain.

What we’re watching

  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • The Middle East
  • The Dollar
  • Energy Independence
  • NATO
  • The United Nations

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Russia accounts for about 10% of global oil production, according to the Dallas Federal Reserve. Russia and Ukraine together exported more than 25% of the world’s wheat, according to the Observatory of Economic Complexity database.”