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Edge Computing & 5G

Edge computing represents the next wave of compute, storage, and networking infrastructure modernization. Edge computing is defined as the trend of moving processing closer to where the data is being generated. Many market participants were quick to dismiss the potential of the cloud. While edge computing faces similar skepticism, our team’s perspective is that edge will see similar exponential growth to cloud computing.

What we’re watching

  • Micro Data Center Investment
  • AI Market Development
  • Edge Accelerator Growth
  • New Use Cases
  • Ecosystem Partnerships

Related Themes

Edge Computing’s initial forecasts draw many parallels to the early days of the cloud when investors were very skeptical. Today, cloud computing is 40% of the server market and we see edge computing following a similar, potentially exponential, adoption curve and crossing the $100B threshold in the coming decade.

Matthew Ramsay, Edge Computing: Livin’ on the Edge