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Big Tech & Government

Shifting consumer habits and workplace dynamics, amplified by COVID-19, have led to increased reliance on Big Tech’s offerings and record profits. This coupled with diminishing competition across a number of categories has made the industry a target for government intervention. The energy in the Democratic party is steering toward aggressive action. Although a Republican Senate could have a moderating effect on a Democratic-led agenda, we see more antitrust lawsuits and legislation on the horizon.

What we’re watching:

  • DOJ, FTC, FCC appointees and tech policy
  • Antitrust lawsuits and legislation
  • Future acquisitions
  • Trade & tariffs

Related themes:

It’s the President — not Congress — who controls most tech policy by appointing the heads of the DOJ, FTC and FCC. Those agencies decide whether to file lawsuits or impose new regulations.

Paul Gallant, Elections and Tech/Telecom, at the Moment