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Liquid Biopsy

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How do you begin to quantify the significance of liquid biopsy as an investment theme?

Liquid Biopsies are blood-based tests for three major uses: early detection of cancer in high-risk individuals, optimization of a clinician’s drug treatment decision based on specific genetic information, and monitoring of responses in patients undergoing treatment, along with detection of cancer recurrence as quickly as possible in cancer survivors. In 2020, we expect more data, pre-approvals, more products and more growth in a significant market opportunity even in the US alone. We estimate that roughly50% of cancer trials today include some components of personalized medicine and liquid biopsy tools representing a substantial actionable part of that trend.

What we’re watching:

  • Clinical data and validations
  • Reimbursement progress
  • Biopharma partnership agreements
Themes 2020

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Cancer survivors in the us


New cancer diagnoses in the us each year


People in the us that could benefit from early cancer screening tools


Estimated current penetration of patients eligible to use liquid biopsy tools as a cancer companion diagnostic



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