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What developments do you expect to see in the cannabis industry in 2020?

We expect the cannabis industry to generate $85B in US sales in 2030. However, the nascent legal cannabis industry faces challenges as it evolves into the mainstream, despite encouraging consumer and political trends. Increased demand has been balanced by supply shortages and slow retail rollout in Canada.

Growing adoption of THC and CBD products in the US, along with political advances toward legalization, have been offset by concerns around vaping-related illnesses and a persistent illicit market. Incidence trends lead us to believe these headwinds will become positive catalysts as this global sector evolves from infancy. However, investors should expect volatility matching the disruptive size and potential of the cannabis industry in 2020 and beyond.

What we’re watching:

  • Profitability
  • Canadian Cannabis 2.0
  • Retail rollout
  • Illicit market
  • Vaping issues
Themes 2020

Themes 2020

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