The Growth Chamber, A Cannabis Podcast Series

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The Growth Chamber is a cannabis themed podcast series exploring the evolution of the cannabis industry. Recorded at the 2022 SXSW Conference, The Growth Chamber is hosted by Cannabis, Beverages, and Tobacco Analyst Vivien Azer.

The series features interviews inspired by Vivien’s panel entitled “Nationwide Cannabis Legalization: Are You Ready?” and covers the SXSW Cannabis Industry Evolution Summit. Episodes include conversations with policy experts and business leaders as Vivien looks to measure the full potential of this emerging and dynamic industry.

Episode 1: The Regulatory Landscape with Canopy Growth

David Culver, VP, Global Government Relations at Canopy Growth joins Tobacco & Cannabis Analyst, Vivien Azer to discuss David’s deep involvement in the U.S. Cannabis Council. Join us to hear David’s perspectives as a lobbyist for Cannabis reform on the lack of regulatory progress at the federal level, the impact of the Biden administration, the opportunities he sees at the state level, and what to watch for the remainder of 2022.

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Episode 2: The Operating Landscape With Verano Holdings

In the second episode of The Growth Chamber, a cannabis podcast series recorded at SXSW’s Cannabis Industry Evolution Summit, Vivien Azer, Cannabis Beverages and Tobacco Analyst hosts a conversation with Chief Operating Officer at Verano Holdings, Darren Weiss. Darren shares his thoughts and expertise as a vertically integrated multi-state operator within the cannabis industry on the current pricing environment, the competitive landscape, perspectives on innovation, and strategies concerning brand segmentation & implementation. The two also discuss social equity, the transition from illicit to licit markets on a state & federal level, and opportunities & challenges to come. 

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Episode 3: The Consumer Landscape with New Frontier Data

In the third episode of Cowen Insights The Growth Chamber, Cannabis, Beverages, & Tobacco Analyst Vivien Azer hosts New Frontier Data’s Chief Knowledge Officer, John Kagia, for a cannabis-focused discussion at SXSW’s Cannabis Industry Evolution Summit. New Frontier Data is a leading data and analytics company serving the global cannabis industry.

John shares his perspectives on the evolution of consumer behavior in the cannabis space and insights from their newly published multi-year TAM for the U.S. market.

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Episode 4: The Advocacy Landscape with Last Prisoner Project

In the fourth episode of The Growth Chamber, Mary Bailey, Managing Director of the Last Prisoner Project joins Cannabis, Beverages, & Tobacco Analyst Vivien Azer. They discuss LPP’s mission, success stories, and the unique ways the nonprofit partners with a variety of industry stakeholders.

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Episode 5: Cowen’s SXSW Wrap-Up