New Fund Managers: Prepare to succeed

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With more to consider than at any time in recent memory, how should a new manager prepare when launching their own product?

New managers thinking of launching their own product have more to consider than at any time in recent memory. The alternative space is now highly complex, competitive, and increasingly expensive to enter. Raising start-up investment and launching a fund vehicle are just a few steps along the road. 

Choosing a prime broker may not be top of a manager’s priority list, but we can help with more than most managers realise. We have experience of launches from across a broad client base and can help prevent managers from making the mistakes we’ve seen before. As emerging managers start their journey, we can help them to ensure alignment with investors, compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape and advise on the things they must consider whilst running their own business.

The demands of different investors can vary significantly, and new managers can’t cater to all of those needs. At the same time, they need a clear vision of where they are going.

So how should a new manager prepare?

Andrew Rae-Moore, Co-Head of Cowen Prime Brokerage Europe provides guidance that will set new managers off on the right track.


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