Making Healthcare More Affordable with Doug Hirsch, Co-Founder & CEO, GoodRx

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In this episode, Doug Hirsch, Co-Founder & CEO of GoodRx speaks with Charles Rhyee, Health Care Technology Analyst Charles Rhyee. They discuss the problems of access and affordability in healthcare, as well as how GoodRx’s offerings help patients find prescriptions at the lowest prices and increase patient access to care. Press play to listen to the podcast.

Doug co-founded GoodRx in 2011. The company provides access to price transparency and affordable solutions for generic and brand medications. This has saved Americans $30 billion on prescription medications since its founding. They also provide affordable and convenient medical provider consultations via telehealth.

Doug has spent decades building technology that helps everyday consumers, starting as one of the first employees at Yahoo! before moving onto Facebook as VP of Product, and then founding DailyStrength.

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