Impact of COVID-19 on Software/Services Spend

Derrick Wood, Cowen’s Software analyst, speaks with Peter Wokwicz, CIO at Tatum. They discuss the impact of COVID-19 on IT projects, software pricing, payments and purchasing behavior.  In addition, they explore the impact of work-from-home trends. Nick Yako, Cowen’s Software Analyst and Bryan Bergin, Cowen’s Computer Services & IT Consulting Analyst join their conversation.

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Cowen Hosts:

J. Derrick Wood, CFA, Managing Director, TMT – Software
Nick Yako, Director, TMT – Software
Bryan Bergin, Managing Director, TMT – Computer Services & IT Consulting


Peter Wokwicz, CIO, Tatum

Mr. Wokwicz is the CIO for Tatum. Tatum is a management consulting company that offers hands-on strategic, financial and technology solutions to measurably improve business performance and meet professional and interim needs. He is also the current Director at Alpine Consulting, Inc. His company is a current reseller and partner of Informatica, which sells $13 million of their products.

Mr. Wokwicz primarily focuses on strategy, design, development and support of complex applications and environments for Fortune 100 and mid-sized companies such as Target, Sears, Safeway, IBM, Emerson Electric, Kraft, Walgreens, Discover Financial and Adidas/Reebok. He advises clients on different technologies, software products, and system architecture. As interim CIO and Adviser for both mid-size and large corporations, he has transitioned many companies from a traditional on-premise model to a cloud infrastructure model. In addition, he currently holds interim CEO and Board member positions for 2 companies that have cloud-based solutions as their primary go-to-market products.

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