How Oil & Gas Companies Are Addressing a Shift to Renewable Energy

This video gives an overview of Counting Carbon: Navigating the Energy Transition, an Ahead of the Curve® Series report that explores how oil & gas companies are addressing a global shift from traditional to green energy. Cowen analysts review the current pace of greenhouse gas emission reductions from the power and transportation sectors and their impact on demand for oil and gas. They also examine shifts in strategy by hydrocarbon companies and the potential for regulatory action. Press play to learn more.


A new Ahead of the Curve® Series research report from Cowen explores how hydrocarbon companies are addressing the Energy Transition using an emissions-based framework.The world is on pace to fall short of greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to limit climate change. 

Solar and wind should continue to grow market share in power, resulting in mild Power sector emissions reductions over the next decade. However, economic substitution in other sectors, particularly road transport is less clear and the next decade is critical for proving global viability. We therefore do not expect a substantial oil demand decline to 2030 while gas demand should continue to grow. 

The underwhelming pace of global emissions reductions could spur regulatory action to make current clean-tech more economic and/or to establish carbon monetization schemes. 

Oil and gas companies are beginning to reshape strategies to align with a decarbonizing world. Initial strategic shifts are focused on managing oil production while increasing participation in renewable power. The optimal path forward for companies could be dependent on developments in clean-tech initiatives and carbon monetization schemes. Emissions reporting is emerging as a potential focal area for ESG investors to differentiate oil & gas companies. Though given the lack of standardization, these figures are more useful to understand company strategy than compare performance.

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