Finding Fixed Income Liquidity

How traders can source liquidity and execute bond orders more efficiently in today’s fixed income trading landscape.

The fixed income income landscape is in flux. In this three part series I explore the important trends we see dominating the fixed income space: technology, liquidity and operational efficiency. The buzz about new technology and workflow management tools will continue to be increasingly important, but highly experienced traders with good relationships remain essential to accessing global liquidity pools.

Joram Siegel, Cowen Head of Fixed Income Outsourced Trading

Part 1 – Technology

Staying one step ahead of your rivals

In discussion with David Tattan of TORA, we look at the technology challenges that fixed income traders face and the emergence of technology and workflow management tools that have only recently begun to be applied to the fixed income markets.

Part 2 – Liquidity

Best of both worlds: Where human experience and technology meet

Instead of offering an efficient roadmap to navigate fragmented markets, recent innovation in bond markets has made sourcing liquidity and achieving best execution more difficult. I further explore the importance of both relationships and technology to access global liquidity pools.

Part 3 – Operational Efficiency

Fixed Income Liquidity: Is outsourced trading the answer?

Concluding our discussion on the fixed income trading landscape, David Berney and Michael Broadbent of ERGO Consultancy join me to explore how outsourced trading can help you to navigate the complex fixed income ecosystem, while maximizing overall operating efficiency.

Part 4 – From the Desk

Finding value in a brave new fixed income world

John Orrock examines the fundamental shifts in the way fixed income is traded and how funds can thrive in this brave new world of fixed income trading and how to find better pricing and execution in a market that presents a unique set of challenges.

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