Forward Progress: ESG Primer on Clinical Trial Diversity

In this multi-analyst, multi-industry report, Cowen Research provides the first of its kind analysis of the current state of clinical trial diversity. There’s accelerating ESG investor interest in clinical trial diversity as a metric of a medical product company’s commitment to access within the Social element of ESG.  We seek to provide:

  • a robust assessment of the current state of clinical trial representation
  • the nuances of different technologies and diseases
  • an understanding of the steps companies are taking
  • insight into where areas of progress are sorely lacking

This report focuses on diseases that disproportionately affect certain racial, ethnic, sexual identity, or gender subgroups, as well as an assessment of the steps companies are taking to improve trial diversity. We also spoke with several KOLs, including regulatory and CRO experts as well as KOLs that work with minority groups to improve access to and representation in clinical studies.

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