ESG Best Ideas 2022

ESG and sustainability have indisputably moved to the forefront of institutional stock selection. In Cowen’s ESG Best Ideas For 2022 we share stock selections across multiple industries that reflect recommended fundamental picks with strong performance on key ESG metrics. Our report includes analyst commentary on company fundamentals and an outline of potential catalysts. In addition, our Cowen Washington Research Group provides a roadmap laying out the key themes and policy areas we believe will be most material to ESG and sustainability investing over the next 12 months. This year’s publication also includes expanded data, including detailed metrics on the most material ESG factors to focus on.

Key Takeaways Included in the Report

  • Opportunity for continued growth in ESG-focused investments
  • Companies beginning to view ESG trends as an opportunity versus risk
  • Investor focus shifting from exclusive desire for financial returns to include environmental benefits
  • Geopolitics driving increased focus on energy security while de-coupling from fossil fuels
  • Expecting focus on energy infrastructure in policy-making and increased ESG disclosure requirements by regulatory agencies

ESG, Sustainability, and Energy Transition are areas of intense research focus at Cowen. We aim to deliver investable ESG ideas that are actionable for institutional generalist and specialist investors alike, marrying our top-down thematic and ESG data expertise with our bottoms-up approach to company-specific stock-picking. We’re very proud that Cowen’s unique offering and insight earned Cowen top recognition for Best ESG Research in ESG Investing magazine’s 2022 awards.

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