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Cowen’s Thematic Outlook Podcast Series, hosted by Head of Thematic Content Bill Bird focuses on emerging growth and disruptive innovation. In collaboration with Cowen’s fundamental equity research team and Washington Research Group, the series unpacks the most pivotal investment themes which Cowen expects to drive investment gains and losses in 2022 and beyond.

Episode 1: The Emerging Modern Customer Engagement Stack

Derrick Wood, Software Analyst speaks with Bill Bird, Head of Thematic Research about customer data platforms (CDPs), one of the highest-growth sub-sectors in software.

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Episode 2: Value-Based Care: Health Care Business Model Transformation

Healthcare Facilities, Managed Care, & Emerging Payor/Providers Analyst Gary Taylor, and Head of Thematic Content Bill Bird discuss Value-Based Care (VBC). Much of the healthcare spending in the U.S. is uncoordinated, wasteful, and influenced by financial incentives. Value-based care aims to change this. Over the coming decade, trillions of dollars of healthcare spending will be redefined by new business models such as VBC.

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Episode 3: Digital Assets: More than a Passing Fad

David Kroger, Vice President and Digital Data Scientist at Cowen Digital and Bill Bird, Head of Thematic Content discuss increased institutional participation in digital assets and other factors that support the view that digital assets are more than just a passing fad.

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