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Contributing to the creation of a new asset class

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At Cowen we believe that the future of finance is digital. Blockchain technology and digital assets promise to make the coming decades a time of immense opportunity – for those who choose to seize it. As the era of Web 3.0 and decentralized finance emerges, new technologies are converging and fundamentally changing the way we trade and invest.

For the first time in history, a brand new asset class has been built from the bottom up, as more and more people have chosen to invest in and use cryptocurrencies. Aside from the growth in adoption of digital currencies, the distributed ledger technology that underpins crypto is also creating waves of innovation. Blockchain – and the ability to tokenize physical assets – is now transforming whole industries – and even creating new ones. From the revolution in finance itself through to intelligent supply chains and infrastructure, not to mention the explosion of interest in the metaverse and gamification, new opportunities are flourishing everywhere.

Pioneering at the forefront of new markets

Cowen’s philosophy has always been to embrace innovation and lead the way in new markets – such as biotechnology, SPACs or cannabis. With the launch of Cowen Digital, we are taking the same approach, as the first US investment bank to provide innovative solutions for the institutional market supported by our extensive infrastructure and proven expertise in traditional finance.

In conjunction with our integrated partners, Polysign’s Standard Custody, and prime brokerage solutions provider, Digital Prime Technologies, Cowen Digital gives institutional clients secure access to cryptocurrencies and digital assets alongside Cowen’s client-focused high-touch service.

Over the past 18 months, we built the offering with full engagement from every business line as well as support at the senior management and board level. The initial internal working group consisted of over 50 stakeholders and 12 different workstreams to bring this division to market, and we will continue to grow the Cowen Digital team with hires from crypto-native firms.

The Cowen Digital solution

Currently, we offer spot trading of the top cryptocurrencies, with plans to launch financing, derivatives, lending, and swaps in the coming quarters. Thought leadership, networking, and advisory will be key pillars of Cowen Digital. We will offer best in class research and analysis, tailored events, conferences, and crypto education to our new and existing client base.

Our digital asset ecosystem allows investors to trade through a single trusted partner, in the same way as they would approach any other asset class, as well as to view their digital asset portfolios in the same way as they view traditional asset classes.

The Future of Finance is Digital

The launch of Cowen Digital recognizes Cowen’s understanding that we are living through a huge societal shift – the Fourth Industrial Revolution – which will fundamentally change the way we live, work, invest and trade. Just as the roads, tunnels and railways provided the gateways for the first industrial revolution, blockchain and digital assets will become the new payment rails and provide the new infrastructure for the digital era. Investing in this new asset class – and this entirely new way of modernizing and shaping industries – puts us right at the heart of the next wave of wealth creation that these frontier technologies are enabling.