Measuring Shifts In The Supply Chain

THE COWEN INSIGHT This report contains a multi-sector angle that provides insight into the long-term impact of COVID-19 on supply chains and the beneficiaries of these shifts. A COVID-induced supply chain spiral led to a logistical conundrum that forced shippers and executive teams to adapt to an ever-changing global environment. As the dust begins to settle,

Revolution In Restaurant Automation

THE COWEN INSIGHT The adoption of automation in the restaurant industry is nearing a tipping point, given a tight labor backdrop that is seeing new risks emerge from unionization the FAST Act. Automation not only helps leverage labor but also helps drive sales and enhance data collection. In this report we discuss the potential impact…

Gen Z & Millennials Inflection Point

THE COWEN INSIGHT Nine Cowen analysts and a 2,700 person survey highlight variance in preferences and habits between demograhpics. Our survey and analysis suggest shifts to digital and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels as sustainability, wellness, and social commerce will have profound effects on growth and…

Pandemic Preparedness: Roadmap to a More Prepared Future

THE COWEN INSIGHT The U.S should be better prepared for the next pandemic. We’ve analyzed public health infrastructure, response, and macro policies resulting from COVID-19; surveyed consumers and epidemiologists; and curated a list of priorities for government and private entities that supports…

Trials & Triumphs of the FDA: What Matters? Where are We?

THE COWEN INSIGHT Proper FDA functioning is key to getting therapies through clinical development and onto the market. Understanding regulatory interactions and their intricacies is an important aspect of the biopharma investment process. We provide a guide to the regulatory process, analyzing…

The Consumerization of Wellness

THE COWEN INSIGHT The consumerization of wellness can be captured by the convergence of heightened customer expectations and health wellness needs. This shift is underpinned by accelerating spending power among Millennials and Gen Z, advanced technology, digital, disruptive technology, and direct-to-consumer engagement.

U.S. Midterm Elections & Policy Implications

Cowen · Cowen Insights | U.S. Midterm Elections Policy ImplicationsListen Now on AppleListen Now on SpotifyListen Now on Soundcloud On this episode of Cowen’s Thematic Outlook Podcast Series, focusing on emerging growth and disruptive innovation, Head of Thematic Content Bill Bird is joined by Chris Krueger, Cowen Washington Research Group Analyst for Macro, Trade, and…

The State of The Consumer

Cowen · Cowen Insights | The State of The ConsumerListen Now on AppleListen Now on SpotifyListen Now on Soundcloud In the fourth episode of Cowen’s Thematic Outlook Podcast Series, John Kernan, Retail Consumer Brands analyst, and Bill Bird, Head of Thematic Content, discuss the current state of the consumer. They focus on trends in the supply chain, commodities costs,

Public Cloud X Growth Accelerates Further

THE COWEN INSIGHT Our 10th annual report on the Public Cloud market, based on a survey of 653 US respondents, suggests Public Cloud spend growth of +41% y/y in 22, accelerating vs. 19-21 levels. Our survey also provides insights on other key trends, including workload migration, multi-cloud,

Charting New Territory: The Future of Hedge Fund Prime Brokerage

Hedgeweek published the second in a series of in-depth Insight Reports, ‘Charting New Territory: The Future of Hedge Fund Prime Brokerage’, at the end of February. Cowen supported the report – with commentary from Jack Seibald, Managing Director and Global Co-head of Prime Brokerage and Outsourced Trading at Cowen, and other thought leaders – and the subsequent webinar,

Righting The Gut-Brain Connection With Mahana Therapeutics’ Steven Basta

Cowen · Cowen Insights | Righting The Gut-Brain Connection With Mahana Therapeutics Steven BastaListen Now on AppleListen Now on SpotifyListen Now on Soundcloud Steven Basta, CEO of Mahana Therapeutics, joins Charles Rhyee, Health Care Technology Analyst. They discuss the strong connection between the gut the brain for those suffering from IBS, and how it is now possible to…

US eCommerce Disruption 5.0: Growing Off Pandemic Pull-Forward

THE COWEN INSIGHT Cowen’s research team published its 5th annualeCommerce Disruption report—a deep dive known for its thoughtful framework and approach for quantifying eCommerce’s penetration across all retail sectors. In the report, Cowen has updated its USeCommercevertical model, suggesting total sales of $932BN in 22, +12%…

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