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2023 Sustainability Week Bootcamps 

A view of greenery in nature, endless trees across rolling hills, representing sustainability our sustainability week bootcamps and collective ESG efforts.

During our Sustainability Week, our research analysts conducted 11 teach-ins on emerging topics in sustainability. These introductory videos explain how each technology works and identify market segments, key growth drivers, and market forecasts. 

Videos include: 

Automotive Semiconductors 

Automotive semiconductors are driving innovation in electric and autonomous vehicles. Our Semiconductors and Mobility Technology analyst, Joshua Buchalter, gives an overview of xEV, Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS), and sensing technology. He also discusses major drivers of growth and market forecasts for automotive semiconductors. Finally, he gives insight into factors that have caused semiconductor shortages in recent years.   

EV Charging and Batteries 

Learn how EV charging equipment works and gain an understanding of the industry dynamics at play with Gabe Daoud, Battery Technology, EV Charging, and Oil & Gas E&P analyst. 

Carbon Capture and Storage 

Marc Bianchi, Industrial Gas & Equipment and Oilfield Services & Equipment analyst, and David Deckelbaum, Next Generation Materials and Oil & Gas E&P analyst, discuss carbon capture and storage, why we need it, and what role it plays in achieving net zero. This bootcamp covers carbon dioxide removal, direct air capture, key market segments, industry dynamics, and major drivers of and impediments to growth.

Synthetic Biology  

Steven Mah, Life Science & Diagnostic Tools analyst, delves into what synthetic biology is and how it enables sustainability across many sectors including apparel, food, and pharmaceuticals. He also discusses which companies participate in this sector, key growth drivers, and market size.


Marc Bianchi, Industrial Gas & Equipment and Oilfield Services & Equipment analyst, and Jeff Osborne, Sustainability and Mobility Technology analyst, describe how hydrogen contributes to decarbonization. They also discuss how the hydrogen market currently works, how it will transition over time, and opportunities and risks for the market segment.


David Deckelbaum, our Next Generation Materials analyst, delves into the supply/demand dynamics of the lithium space.  Learn what sectors benefit from lithium supply and why.

Lithium-Ion Batteries 

Gabe Daoud, Battery Technology and EV Charging analyst, provides an overview of the current role lithium-ion battery technology plays, how these products store energy, and the natural resources and chemicals critical to their supply. 

Nuclear Power  

TD Cowen analyst Marc Bianchi offers an overview of how public and private companies supply nuclear power, regional dynamics, and why nuclear growth is needed for decarbonization.

Renewable Diesel & Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

Jason Gableman, Next Generation Fuels, Integrated Oil, Refining & Marketing, and LNG analyst offers insight into the nature of these biofuels and the companies that produce them.  He evaluates industry economics by delving into the supply chain and incentive programs supporting this sector. 

Residential Solar 

Analyst Jeff Osborne provides an overview of how residential solar technology works, trends driving increased solar adoption, and regional market share. He also estimates future market penetration and identifies international factors and US policy impacting adoption.

Utility Scale Solar 

Analyst Jeff Osborne provides an overview of the utility solar market and identifies factors accelerating a transition to solar including policy, costs, and supply chain. He also discusses solar module manufacturing, components of utility scale solar farms, and development timelines.

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