Mobility Disruption Conference

The Mobility Disruption Conference will take place virtually on Wednesday, March 10 – Friday, March 12.

The conference will focus on mobility technology. With industry thought leaders, we will explore the impact of safe, green, and connected trends on the broader mobility industry.

Areas of focus will include:

  • electric vehicles (consumer and commercial)
  • OEMs (new and incumbent)
  • suppliers
  • service providers
  • sensors/connectors/electrical architecture
  • EV charging
  • battery trends
  • changes in the human to machine interface/user experience in the cabin and autonomous vehicles

Mobility technology is among the 14 themes identified in Cowen Research Themes 2021, our attempt to identify the areas of the market that offer the most attractive risk-adjusted growth. Throughout the conference, we will dive deeper into the investment themes that we expect to drive investment gains and losses in 2021 and beyond.

*Cowen conferences and events are intended for institutional clients and corporate clients of the firm.  They are not open to media or retail investors.

Refueling a hydrogen-fueled car

Hydrogen Combustion Engines with Westport Fuel Systems

Representing the future of mobility is an image of a city scape flying by in patterns of lights outside of a car window.
Ahead of the Curve®

Future of Mobility Primer

Screen showing battery charging for EVs

Battery Tech: Charging Ahead