Fiber-to-the-Home Symposium

U.S. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is reaching fever pitch as the meaningful influx of capital coming from Cable/Telco sectors, state/federal funding, private equity, and infrastructure funds promises to deliver 40MM+ household upgrades over the next five years and among the largest capital projects in U.S. history.

To that end, Cowen will host the FTTH Symposium on April 5th where our cross-discipline team of analysts and bankers will host virtual panels with key investors, policy experts, mgmt. teams, and FTTH domain experts to help navigate the pressing issues including the evolving Cable/Telco/Overbuild competitive landscape, the business case, updates on state and federal funding, Washington policy, equipment and labor supply chain challenges, and financing/M&A opportunities.

*Cowen conferences and events are intended for institutional clients and corporate clients of the firm.  They are not open to media or retail investors.

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