4th Annual Cannabis Policy Summit

Cowen’s 4th Annual Cannabis Policy Summit will be held virtually on September 12, 2022. The event will consist of six high-interest fireside chats and panel discussions focused on the policy outlook for the Cannabis sector in 2022.  In addition to Cowen analysts, we will feature leading players in the Cannabis industry as well as lobbyists and experts from Washington, D.C.

The panel topics for discussion and analysis will include: 

  • Election Preview
  • What is Possible in Congress This Fall, Next Year?
  • Cannabis Banking: What Are Prospects for Enactment of the SAFE Act
  • Administrative Reforms Team Biden Can Make Without The Need For Legislation
  • View from the States
  • What Did We Learn?

*Cowen conferences and events are intended for institutional clients and corporate clients of the firm. They are not open to media or retail investors.

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