41st Annual Health Care Conference

The Cowen 41st Annual Health Care Conference will take place virtually on March 1 – 4, 2021.

More than 400 public and private companies across the entire health care spectrum will present. High-interest topical panels featuring renowned medical, scientific, industry, legal and political consultants will also take place.

*Cowen conferences and events are intended for institutional clients and corporate clients of the firm by invitation only.  They are not open to media or retail investors.

Robotic arm holding out a generic pill bottle.

AI Designing Drugs: Navigating the Hype

Two pharmacists checking products on their shelves.

The Evolving Landscape Of Pharmacy Reimbursement

Woman has her hand on a prescription bottle of medication behind the counter in a pharmacy.
Ahead of the Curve®

Drug Pricing Survey Again Suggests Positive Outlook