We provide award-winning investment analysis that is authoritative and agenda-setting, across a broad array of industry sectors, as reflected in our flagship Ahead of the Curve® Series

Our Collaborative Approach

Cowen has consistently invested in its Research franchise. Through on-the-ground research and proprietary data-driven insights, we identify securities most likely to be impacted by emerging trends and industry disruption.

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Leading the Industry by Design

We have more than 50 publishing analysts covering 800 securities across a range of industries, and our research has earned readership that is 3x-8x larger than Street averages.1

  • Our disruptive Ahead of the Curve® Series reports are our marquee products. These reports showcase the authoritative expertise and thought leadership synonymous with the Cowen Research brand. Each report focuses on a non-consensus idea, a view on an investment controversy, or an emerging topic we believe investors need to focus on in more depth.
  • Our analysts generate keen insights that support and drive Cowen’s differentiated client service model.
  • Our Annual Themes Report identifies major areas of disruption and opportunity.

1 Financial Times, 2/8/17

Cowen Research Themes 2021 Handbook

Special Topics

In addition to these topics, we also have dedicated experts focused on a wide range of areas across our Sectors and Capabilities including Cross-Asset and Special Situations.

Data Science

Our data science initiative harnesses massive datasets in the public and private domain to help inform our analysts’ investment opinions.  It represents a multi-million dollar investment in using technology to synthesize information and using that information to help generate alpha.

Digital Health

Our Digital Health Initiative™ brings together the collective insight of our research analysts in a variety of disciplines to examine the intersection of technology, retail and health care, and how this convergence will impact the investment landscape.


Our ESG Research highlights analysis that includes significant environmental, social or governance implications for those portfolio managers focused on those criteria and the future of ESG investing as part of their investment process.

Cowen has also developed an ESG scoring system, providing our clients and employees with a unified framework for ESG-related conversations. Founded on a future-facing paradigm, this system provides an unbiased, common framework that can be used to uniformly evaluate companies’ performance based on ESG criteria.


Cowen and MassRobotics are collaborating to bring together our extensive market knowledge to advance research into the emerging Robotics and Artificial Intelligence industry. MassRobotics is a global hub in Robotics, representing engineers, rocket scientists and entrepreneurs focused on the needs of the Robotics community.

Washington Research Commentaries

Our Washington Research Group (WRG), established more than 40 years ago, is a leading voice for commentary and insights into Washington policy. The team has been consistently recognized at the top of its field by clients and in industry surveys.

Government policy and regulatory affairs play an increasingly important role in investment analysis. WRG’s valuable macro perspective complements the domain expertise of Cowen’s exceptional fundamental equity research.

WRG’s multi-faceted coverage includes:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Financial Services
  • Fiscal & Tax Policy
  • Health Care Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Medicare
  • Pharmaceutical Policy
  • Technology, Media & Telecom/FCC

Conferences & Events


Feb 08, 2022

43rd Annual Aerospace/Defense & Industrials Conference

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Jan 25, 2022

2nd Annual European Cannabis Conference

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Dec 01, 2021

2021 Energy Summit

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Today, 9 Cowen analysts published an #AheadOfTheCurve® Series report on areas impacting shipper #SupplyChains. Cowen’s proprietary surveys point to continued congestion & early signs of altered thinking regarding new inventory strategies & #onshoring plans

Today, five Cowen analysts published an #AheadOfTheCurve® Series report on America’s fiber to the home buildout. The report utilizes proprietary surveys, and Cable/Telco/Fiber broadband industry models to identify trends and those best positioned on the road to #GigabitAmerica

Research Team

Our Research team is led by seasoned, entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are driven by a relentless curiosity to redefine expectations.

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