Kyber Data Science

Kyber Data Science® LLC is a subsidiary of Cowen Inc. focused on developing and selling unique and proprietary datasets across a variety of sectors to institutional investors and corporations.

Kyber Health Data

Kyber’s highly unique, nationally-representative health care claims & EMR data product enables timely and accurate analyses across health care subsectors including for drug, medical device, diagnostics and facilities companies. Transaction-level data allow buyers to develop a large number of KPIs and drive granular insights into the dynamics of product revenue & disease dynamics.

The key differentiators of Kyber’s proprietary data are cleansing, tagging (product, provider, disease, ticker), and enrichment (~40 external data sources, including formulary) processes that allow for enhanced accessibility to institutional investors and a faster time to insights.

Kyber Health Care, man getting MRI scan

Kyber Cannabis Data

Kyber’s proprietary data product focused on the cannabis market is designed specifically for financial services professionals. The source of the data is Headset, the leading retail analytics firm for cannabis-related businesses.

Available monthly, data includes:

  • Total state-level revenue
  • Revenue
  • Market share
  • Top brands by product segment
  • Other leading indicators of industry growth

The data is priced by state and geography. California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington are currently available, along with Canadian data for the province of Alberta. Oregon and additional Canadian provinces are expected to be available in 2020.

Kyber Data Science Cannabis Report

Kyber Surveys

Kyber’s survey products provide sophisticated demographic, retail and Internet trend analysis – without the need for internal survey formulation or analytics capabilities.

Two propriety monthly surveys are available:

  • Consumer Tracker
  • Internet Tracker

Each monthly survey includes 2,500 U.S. consumers. Data is fully query-able via an easy-to-use interface and downloadable to Excel.

Kyber Data Science Survey

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