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Kyber Data Science

Creating investor insights from health care signals

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Helping Investors Understand U.S. Market Forces

Anticipate what’s going to happen — driven by insights that help you understand why.

Kyber Data Science, a TD Cowen company, offers a unique source of curated and enriched real-world health care insights as they’re unfolding across complex points of care and payment.

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See the Dynamics that Drive Performance

Signals from these complex points of care and payments show up in real-world data, and these signals have predictive value. Seeing them, and understanding them, is an advantage.

Points of Care
  • Physician office or clinic
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
Points of Payment
  • Out of pocket costs
  • Claims adjustments
  • Patient co-pay assistance
  • Insurance-preferred treatment tiers

Differentiated data for investors

Nationally-representative health care claims & EMR data product:
Analyze drug, medical device, diagnostics and facilities companies quickly and accurately.


Transaction-level data:
Develop multiple KPIs and drive granular insights into product revenue and disease dynamics.


Data enriched for investor needs:
Enhance speed to insight and access to institutional investors with dozens of external data sources cleansed and enriched with tagging (product, provider, disease, and ticker).

Kyber Data Science Survey
Better Performance Insights

Understand forces you didn’t see before, especially critical for launches in complex markets.

Early predictive indicators
  • Early growth signals
  • New patient starts
  • Persistence & compliance
  • Drug volumes & revenue
  • Rejections & reversals
  • Patient burden
  • Growth drivers
  • Market access issues
  • Copay predictions
  • Post-launch insights
More Accurate Positioning

Assess the factors to watch in your long-term strategy and understand the underlying drivers of sales volume.

Essential Market & Brand Context
  • TAM assessment
  • Therapy area
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedure volume
  • Other broad market issues (i.e. COVID-19)
Health care is so much more complex than consumer goods

Kyber Data Science was created for investors by investors. Our founding team recognized the blind spots in investment data science tools, and also how they could leverage pharma teams’ transactional alt-data for investor insights. Now, they’ve recruited a team of health care data science experts to create an advantage for Cowen clients: a suite of well-curated health care data offerings for financial services.

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