Vusal Najafov

Vusal Najafov is Managing Director and Co-Head of Cowen Sustainable Investments. Mr. Najafov oversees strategy, investment selection and portfolio construction for Cowen Sustainable Investments.

Energy & Sustainability

Cowen provides sophisticated, cutting-edge insights alongside superior advisory and capital market expertise across the energy complex that powers the world economy.

Gabe Daoud

Gabe Daoud is a Managing Director and senior analyst covering the Sustainability & Energy Transition – Battery Technology & EV Charging and Energy – Oil & Gas Exploration & Production sectors.

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne is a managing director and senior research analyst covering the alternative energy sector.

Sustainable Energy & Industrial Technology Primer

THE COWEN INSIGHT We have created our 364-page, 5th annual comprehensive primer on the Sustainable Energy Industrial Technology sector to assist investors in navigating its complex and varied subverticals. Given the improving unsubsidized economics, healthier demand, and less reliance on government support,

Creating a Next-Generation Transportation Company

VectoIQ’s Business Combination with Nikola Motor Company On June 3, 2020, an important milestone was reached by Nikola Motor (NASDAQ: NKLA), a global leader in zero-emission, heavy-duty transportation, and VectoIQ, a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) focused on transportation technology: the closing of their business combination. Nikola develops zero emission, heavy-duty trucks using battery electric (“BEV”) and…

Jordan Jaffe

Mr. Jaffes responsibilities include the sourcing, valuation, structuring and management of investments across all sustainable sectors. Previously, Mr. Jaffe worked as an Associate on the Private Equity team at APG Asset Management, where he was responsible for evaluating co-investment opportunities across numerous sectors and monitoring existing portfolio company performance. Prior to that, Mr.

Thomas Hanley

Mr. Hanleys responsibilities include the sourcing, valuation, structuring and management of investments across all sustainable sectors. Mr. Hanley served as a summer associate with the team in 2018 and returned full time upon the completion of his MBA at Stanford in June 2019. While in business school, he worked at Anacapa Partners, a…

John Miller

John Miller covers ESG and sustainability policy for Cowen Washington Research Group.

Mark A. Saraiva

Mark Saraiva is a Managing Director and Head of Cowen’s Transportation group.

AI Infused Growth To Overcome Cyclical Concerns

We believe Application-Specific Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will combine to infuse growth in 4 key markets (Datacenter, IoT/Industrial, Automotive, & Gaming/VR) to the tune of ~8.7% CAGR through 2023, keeping our semiconductor growth estimate strong (~5% CAGR) despite PC/smartphone stagnation and the recent trade-influenced cyclicality.

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