Dierk Beyer

Dr. Dierk Beyer is a Partner and Managing Director in Investment Banking / Mergers and Acquisitions at Cowen in Europe. He was involved in a large number of transactions in life sciences, including for example the sale of a leading Contract Manufacturing organization (CDMO), several Contract Research organizations (CROs), a high-throughput antibody manufacturer, several providers of medical analytics services, a telemedicine service provider or an integrated provider of medical-care solutions.

Joseph Giordano

Joseph Giordano joined Cowen in 2013 as part of the acquisition of Dahlman Rose and currently covers the industrials & flow control space.

Cobots Provide Potential Market Augmentation for Robotics

The Cowen Research robotics team explores growth in the cobot (or collaborative robot) market in the Ahead of the Curve report, Deus Ex Machina, Part III. They collaborated with Teradyne, Sarcos Robotics, MassRobotics and Cowen Washington Research Group…

Deus Ex Machina, Part III

THE COWEN INSIGHT This is part III of a collaborative, multipart series examining the global robotics landscape (see Parts I and II). Robotic development toward more complex tasks is far more symbiotic with human behavior than most likely appreciate. Human capital replacement was always the fear, but increasingly the relationship is inextricably intertwined. Part III focuses on human/robot collaboration (cobots)…


Cowen and MassRobotics are collaborating to bring together our extensive market knowledge to advance research into the emerging Robotics and Artificial Intelligence industry. MassRobotics is a global hub in Robotics, representing engineers, rocket scientists and entrepreneurs focused on the needs of the Robotics community.

Deus Ex Machina, Part II – Robotics in the Warehouse/Logistics Market

Executive Summary – Joe Giordano Part II of our robotics series dives into the fast-growing warehouse/logistics market (see Part I, focused on traditional industrial robotics, HERE), which World Robotics expects to expand from ~$4B today to over $22B by 2022. We leveraged our recent partnership with MassRobotics – a leading, non-profit hub…

Cowen On The Road, Automate In Motion

Joseph Giordano, Diversified Industrials, Automation, and Robotics Analyst, reports from the show floor at Automate 2022, where he interviews executives across the robotics automation industry. Despite entering a potential recession, outlooks remain confident on customer ability and willingness to spend on robotics

Deus Ex Machina, Part 1

Part I of a collaborative, multi-part series examining the global robotics landscape. As robots continue to evolve from programmed pieces of hardware used to accomplish simple tasks towards vision based, adaptive tools to increase broader process efficiency, it opens up new investment opportunities in a rapidly changing environment that is being defined today. Part I focuses on industrial robots.


$800M TO $8B+…

Curbside Pickup, Connected & Robotic Retail Revolutions

THE COWEN INSIGHT Curbside Retailers Will Steal Share: Cowen estimates curbside pickup will be a $30-35 billion annual opportunity. Over 15% of the U.S. have tried curbside pickup. We estimate it will rise to 25% by the end of 2020 given high customer satisfaction, youngercustomer preference for curbside, and higher spend in this channel. The rise…

Cowen 2nd Annual Digital Dining Summit Highlights

Andrew Charles, Restaurants Analyst shares highlights from Cowen’s 2nd Annual Digital Dining Summit: Revolution in Restaurant Innovation, which took place on May 27, 2021. The highlights cover the Cowen Research outlook for restaurant sales. It also contains discussion around investments in technology such as AI, robotics and drones,

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