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Investment Banking Analyst Program

Each year the Investment Banking Division hires about twenty five college graduates in our two to three year analyst program. The openings are in our New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Houston Investment Banking offices. Interviews take place throughout August and September preceding your graduation year. Full-time analyst recruiting activity is driven by group needs following the outcome of our summer analyst program, our main feeder for analyst candidates.

Successful candidates exhibit strong academic performance, exceptional interpersonal skills, and superior analytical, computer, and communication skills.

The analyst position requires a minimum two-year commitment. Depending on individual performance, many analysts are invited to stay for a third year. Superior performers are often promoted to the associate level at the end of their third year.

The analyst program begins in July in New York. The program provides a five-week introduction and orientation to the firm and its capabilities. The curriculum includes coursework in accounting, communications skills, financial analysis, modeling, valuation, and Excel. The program is thorough, combining the substance of a much larger bank’s training program with the personal attention found in a seminar.

Fall 2018 Update (as of October 15, 2018) –  Cowen has completed hiring for the 2019 Investment Banking Class.  We are no longer accepting applications.  The recruiting team is currently in the process of contacting all applicants to provide updates on the final status of their applications.