Cowen Research is the award-winning equity and credit research division of Cowen and Company. Our mission is to:

  • Provide sophisticated, cutting-edge, and specialized research product and investment advice
  • Be unafraid to be non-consensus and challenge conventional wisdom
  • Be the experts and thought leaders in our sectors
  • Be authoritative and agenda-setting; and
  • Be client service focused


Cowen’s marquee product is Ahead of the CurveTM, our celebrated series of in-depth research reports, which showcase our unparalleled research depth and industry knowledge.

Ahead of the Curveā„¢ reports generally focus on one of three scenarios:

  • A non-consensus idea (“most investors think one way, but we think differently”)
  • An investment controversy (“investors are split on a controversial topic – there is no consensus – and we wish to take a stand”); or
  • When there is a topic investors need to focus on in more depth (that they have not fully understood to date) that will be a key driver of the stocks in a particular sector.


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