At Cowen Group, we have a proud tradition of attracting and retaining the most talented, hardworking individuals across our two primary businesses, Ramius and Cowen and Company, and in our business operations groups. In our business, people are our most important asset.

Ramius focuses on alternative investment management products. Cowen and Company focuses on growth oriented companies. Both businesses are supported by an administrative group which includes Finance, Human Resources, IT, and Legal and Compliance.

We are large enough to provide substantial resources to each of our employees, yet small enough so that each member’s contribution is recognized. This combination drives our culture, and is one of Cowen’s most attractive and distinguishing features.

People who succeed at our firm come from diverse backgrounds and share several common traits – vision, tenacity and empathy. Vision focuses on where we are collectively headed, tenacity is the effort consistently applied to get there even when presented with obstacles, and empathy is a deep understanding and concern for colleagues and clients along the way.

Cowen employs individuals with unique personalities, goals, backgrounds and views. We believe that diversity and inclusion strategies are the catalyst for success and innovation in the workplace.

Wellness, both physical and financial, is the cornerstone of our employee benefit programs. Our comprehensive benefit choices are designed to help employees meet their own specific needs. Programs such as emergency back-up child care, subsidized health club membership and flexible work arrangements help employees balance work, life and family matters effectively.